Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Games- Be Part of the Opening Ceremony!!


The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games start next Friday and my wife has asked me to post this:

Sign up to be part of the Opening Ceremony!

Canada wants to welcome the world and—for the first time ever—people all over the world can become part of the Games. On February 12 during the Opening Ceremony, an official Olympic souvenir will be sent out digitally to those that want to be part of the action.

Everyone who is watching, listening, or reading about their favorite athletes or their most inspirational story, can receive a unique memento that will be sent out while billions of eyes are focused on the Opening Ceremony.

To be part of it, go to code.vancouver2010.com, which is the official digital and cultural interaction site of the 2010 Winter Games. Just click on the invite, sign up, and you’ll be ready to go on February 12, 2010.

Signing up is also your ticket to a global social media event that will give you the opportunity to be a virtual participant in the Closing Ceremony.

Cheer on your country, and become part of history.

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T1000 said...

An official Olympic souvenir will be sent out digitally? That sounds . . . peculiar.