Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dropping the 'F Bomb'


There's a new coed team from the Maritimes that will be looking to qualify for CUC 2010.

F-Bomb, as coach Scott Underwood pointed out, played at Mixed Easterns. Their weekend was summed up by their coach:

"F Bomb from Saint John NB attended their first international tournament with a pre-seeding of 31/32. We went 2-1 in pool play, won our crossover against a tough Boston club OTP to finish Saturday 3-1 and advance to the top pool. Sunday we hit a tough schedule, running into Slow White X who made the finals. Overall, we improved our ranking to a tie for 13th."

Here is their team website. It will be interesting to see how this team fares against other east Canadian teams (especially Fredericton's SPAWN) in their bid to qualify for Sherbrooke.


Batch said...

There's an explosion of Mixed teams bidding for CUCs in Sherbrooke this year. 6 teams have registered so far according to the Ultimate Canada site. This includes Magnum PEI, the first PEI team to my knowledge.

Greg King said...

A mixed division renaissance? Wouldn't be a bad thing. I'm enjoying hearing about the growth in Atlantic Canada though. The more places that start teams, the more places I can look for work.

T1000 said...

Renaissance? Did it ever really die?

Bobo Eyrich said...

Halifax also has a new coed team starting up. Who Wants to Party (WWTP) is also hoping to go to CUC.

Greg King said...

See, two new teams, plus a new PEI team. Yep, I'm sticking with renaissance (for Atlantic region mixed ultimate, I suppose I should have been more specific in my earlier post). Sure it never necessarily died, but it wasn't really present (at the Nationals level) for a number of years and now we are seeing unprecedented growth.

UltimateThom said...

Just thought I would drop an update on COED disc in the maritimes. This weekend the lovely ulty players of Edmunston New Brunswick hosted their annual June Bug tournament which saw a rag tag group of players from Fredericton decimate the field, the party, the boat race, and the cups court.

The team was more or less S.O.S (Spawn's development team) led by Spawn's standout players Darren Clarke, J.d. LeJeune, and Becky Chasse. The team also featured strong contributions from transplants Ben Reentovich (Ontario) and Condor Church (The Yukon).