Friday, June 18, 2010

Preview: Northern Flights 2010, No Surf 2010


Ultimate action this weekend in North Bay and Cleveland.

Northern Flights

The 22nd annual Northern Flights tournament takes place in North Bay, Ontario this weekend.

18 teams are registered this year, comprised of a mix of touring, pickup, and local squads.

The tournament favorites are a GOAT/Lotus + friends squad named The Dockers, champions for the past two years and three out of the last four years.
No Surf- Open

Cleveland's big tournament has a strong pool of open teams.

In addition to a high number of Canadian teams, (Maverick, Too Bad, ROY, and Grand Trunk) the tournament has added some stronger US teams to the mix. These include 2009 USA finals team Madison Club, a split squad of fellow USA finalist Madcow, LouEVIL (KY), Direwolf (Pittsburgh) and the always gritty BearProof.

No Surf- Women

The women's bracket for No Surf is much smaller and much more modest than their open counterpart.

Canadian content will be represented by Lily of Toronto.


Batch said...

Also this weekend, QC Women regionals. 5 teams and only 3 spots. Storm and QUB should be favoured to advance. Exo (Sherbrooke), Mystik and ChiQs (Quebec B) will fight it out for the last spot.

T1000 said...

And Solstice, in Eugene, Oregon happens this weekend, featuring Traffic, Zephyr, Gauntlet, and Blackfish.

Yes, Gauntlet is still a Master's team. That's a clerical error.

T1000 said...

Solstice results:
Traffic wins in a ~15-8 final over Eugene (mostly U of Oregon women). Zephyr goes 3-4 over the weekend, placing 4th. Blackfish, with a shorthanded crew, goes 1-4 in Open.

Batch said...

QC Women's Regional results.
Storm (4-0)
QUB (3-1)
EXO (2-2)
Mystik (1-3)
ChiQs (0-4)

Strom, QUB and EXO advance to CUCs.

Storm absolutely dominated the competition. Upset that the other teams would not allow them a "laissez-passer", they took their revenge. 15-3 over Exo to get things started. 15-0 over ChiQs next. 15-1 over Mystik. Finally the much anticipated and hyped (by the FQU) final was a 59 minute 15-2 crushing.

I still don't understand why they chose a one day round robin with no bracket play format. Especially because 5 teams necessitates an unbalanced schedule full of byes. Regardless, the most important game was actually the EXO versus Mystik game since QUB had already beaten EXO and Mystik. In strong winds, EXO was managed to score a couple up-winders early putting Mystik on their heels. After many long points, Mystik got one of them back, but ran out of time and lost by 2 points.

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