Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Borders 2010


Just want to thank all participants for another outstanding No Borders tournament.

Special thanks to local league host OCUA and staff, our volunteers and my technical team (Matt Pinard, Jitka Licenik, and Carl Sharpe) and my TV color commentators (Justine Price, Mike Wronski and David Brook).

Also a big thank you to Five Ultimate (Who created an amazing lounge area and made a significant donation to the Team Canada junior ladies team) and our tournament sponsors.


Steven Trainor
Tournament Director
No Borders 2010

Newspaper Article

Ultimate took the front page of the City section in Ottawa's biggest newspaper:


TV Coverage of the Finals

From their website, womens final will be aired on the 22nd at 8:30pm:

Mens final on the 24th at 2:30pm:

Final Standings- Open

Open: http://scores.usaultimate.org/scores/#open/tournament/7608

This year, North Bay claimed the championship for the first time in 26 attempts. It was a star studded team that, along with Phoenix, provided an excellent final that I can't wait to watch without any distractions!

Also congratulations to Mule, which won the Sean Green Cup. Mule captain Dave Brown, a friend of Sean Green, was extremely pleased to win the trophy named in honor of his late friend for the first time.

1. Nads (North Bay/Toronto)
2. Phoenix (Ottawa)
3. Strike (Winnipeg)
4. GLUM (Ottawa)
5. Q (Quebec City)
6. Red Circus (Halifax)
7. Too Bad (Toronto)
8. Firebird (Ottawa)
9. Bloody Gary (Sherbrooke)
10. Team Canada East Jrs (Various)
11. Grand Trunk (Toronto)
11. Fuel (Toronto)
13. BDU (Ottawa)
14. LXG (Ottawa)
15. Max Power (Toronto)
16. ROY (Toronto)
17. Mule (Ottawa) - Sean Green Cup Winner
18. Fossil (Toronto)
19. Magma (Montreal)
20. Arrested Development (Ottawa)
21. Agony (Montreal)

Final Standings- Women
Womens: http://scores.usaultimate.org/scores/#womens/tournament/7616

Ottawa's best womens team has returned to the top of No Borders! Stella played a great tournament and saved their best for the Saturday showcase game and Sunday final versus Team Canada Juniors.

The tournament featured a number of young womens club teams that showed lots of promise and talent. In particular, new team EXO from Sherbrooke looked like a promising athletic squad.

1. Stella (Ottawa)
2. Team Canada U20 Women (Various)
3. Fusion (Winnipeg)
4. QUB (Quebec City)
5. Lily (Toronto)
6. Dame (Ottawa)
7. Salty (Halifax)
7. Missconnduct (Connecticut)
9. Exo (Sherbrooke)
10. Mystik (Montreal)
11. The New Black (Ottawa)
11. WTF (Brooklyn)
13. Scarlett (Ottawa)
14. Tempest (St John's)
15. FEISTY (Toronto)


Rahil said...

Nice, except Roy beat Max Power to finish 15th.

Big Smooth said...

How about Winnipeg finishing 3rd in both men's and women's? Interesting...

Sport Management Steven said...

Winnipeg finishing 3rd in both divisions is not that surprising IMO.

General Strike and Fusion really seem to have it together the past two years. Even when missing some of their best home grown talent (e.g. Mark Lloyd)

I didn't get to watch them enough this year.. but several people told me that Strike dictated a lot of the play in their semi versus NADS (just a lot of turns).

I saw Leah Parker put on a zone cutter clinic versus Lily on Saturday. It's tough to dominate a good zone when you don't assume a handler position, but her field sense and disc movement was very impressive.