Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goosebowl Ultimate Tourney Preview


Before I give a Canadian update for UPAs, I wanted to give you information about another tournament in the East- Goosebowl.

Goosebowl is a long standing halloween/costume tournament hosted in Kingston, Ontario by Queens University. It serves as the last major outdoor tourney in this part of Canada. In the past, over 40 teams play some solid ultimate and party hard on the field and at the tournament bar.

This year, the tournament is contracting, reducing the entries to 20 teams. The defending champs that I played with last year will not be returning, but there are plenty of pick up teams full of club players from Ontario, Quebec and upstate New York.

Here are the links for the tournament
Tourney Website
UPA Reporter Link

Due to the nature of the pick up teams, it is hard to determine who is on what team and who will win. However, I will take some guesses and bet the following will be in the semis
  • MUPH
  • Martha's Downstairs Kitchen
  • Above The Law
  • Monster

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