Tuesday, October 23, 2007

UPA Finals... So Hot Right Now!


Best wishes to all participants traveling down to Florida this week.

I have posted polls (to the right) with all divisions/pools posted. Let me know who you think will make the final four for each division.

Here are my picks, pure speculation in the Masters and Mixed divisions.

DOG and Troubled Past in the finals.
DOG wins

Jam, Sockeye, Furious and GOAT in the semis... dreaming in Canadian Technicolor
Jam and Sockeye in the finals
Sockeye pulls out another UPA victory.

Fury, Riot, Zeitgeist and Capitals in the Semis
Fury and Zeitgeist in the finals
Fury repeats.

Shazam Returns and Slow White in the finals
Slow White wins out.

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