Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Canadian World Junior Teams Announced


As posted on the CUPA site, the mens and womens juniors teams were listed for the world championships this summer in Vancouver.

Congratulations to all the players named, and I hope to do an interview with the coaches from the mens and womens teams so we can get to know our juniors a little better before their big event.

Junior Open

Head Coach: Kirk Nylen
Assistant Coach: Geoff Urton
Assistant Coach: Peter Jamieson

Aaron Liu (Vancouver)
Andrew Vogt (Winnipeg)
Andy Siy (Vancouver)
Cam Burden (Winnipeg)
Cam Harris (Toronto)
Carson Turner (Ottawa)
Danny Alary (Sherbrooke)
Einer Lim (Vancouver)
Giorgio Traini (Toronto)
Graham Landon (Vancouver)
Ian Chan (Vancouver)
Kevin Fong (Vancouver)
Kevin Tran (Ottawa)
Kyle Lohrson (Winnipeg)
Mark Lloyd (Winnipeg)
Martin Jim (Vancouver)
Myles Sinclair (Vancouver)
Nick Tam (Ottawa)
Quin Rusnak (Winnipeg)
Ryan Sun (Vancouver)
Sean Brooks (Winnipeg)
Shaw Dungate (Barrie)
Simon LaViolette (Ottawa)
Stan Tsia (Vancouver)
Thomas Black (Toronto)
Tim Tsang (Vancouver)

Dan Dantzig (Toronto)

Junior Women

Head Coach: Sheri Madigan
Assistant Coach: Lexi Marsh
Assistant Coach: Danielle Fortin

Caitlind Lusty (Barrie)
Catherine Hui (Vancouver)
Catherine Lacome (Sherbrooke)
Celine Tsai (Vancouver)
Chantal Africa (Vancouver)
Corine Masse (Sherbrooke)
Dom Rioux (Ottawa)
Erica Tucker (Toronto)
Gera Stancheva (Vancouver)
Heather McCabe (Ottawa)
Jeanette Quach (Toronto)
Jessica Circe (Sherbrooke)
Jessica Fun (Vancouver)
Jordan Meron (Toronto)
Julie Moens (Vancouver)
Kaiya Seaman (Winnipeg)
Kaylee Sparks (Ottawa)
Latitia Seaman (Winnipeg)
Lauren Roberts (Winnipeg)
Maria Chau (Vancouver)
Olana Wach (Winnipeg)
Rena Kawabata (Vancouver)
Robyn Fashler (Vancouver)
Samie Lovat (Winnipeg)
Taryn Haggerstone (Vancouver)
Taylor Rusnak (Winnipeg)

Crystal Koo (Vancouver)
Kristin Yip (Vancouver)
Lesley Cheng (Vancouver)
Nicole Steinbrecher (Vancouver)
Sarah Wildgen (Ottawa)
Tess Studenis (Toronto)

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