Monday, April 28, 2008

UPA College Regionals 2008 Update


Very exciting news at UPA College Regionals from a canadian perspective.

  • Ottawa Lady Gee Gees dominate their regionals. In their four games, Ottawa surrenders a mere 5 points, defeating Maryland 15-2 in the finals.
  • UBC women win their regionals, defeating respected rival Washington 15-5 in the final. Dominant victories throughout the tournament for the Thunderbirds, with the closest margin occuring in a 12-9 victory over Stanford.
  • UBC men suffer a painful elimiation from UPA final contention in their regionals. After advancing to the finals. the Thunderbirds lose 15-11 to California Santa Cruz. They then lose the backdoor game to go match versus Standford by a score of 15-13. By a mere two points, Standford wrest the last bid to finals away and UBC goes home.
  • Carleton Chess Club is upset in the quartefinals of their regionals and finishes in a tie for 10th spot. Delaware and Pittsburgh qualify for UPA finals by granering the top two spots.
  • Queens Mothership has a tough weekend, losing to eventual semi finalist Pennsylvania in pre quarters elimination. Pennsylvania manages to eliminate both Queens and Carleton in successive rounds. Canadian killers!
Congratulations to the excellent performances of UBC and Ottawa women. Thanks to UBC , Carleton and Queens for representing Canadian University Ultimate well this season.


Hodge said...

Can it really be called an upset when 6th ranked Carleton lost to 3rd ranked Pennsylvania in the 1/4 final? The seeding for Regionals is also with RRI rankings so they are fairly accurate, no? I'm sure John Haig would know more on this...

jhaig said...

You're right, 3 beating 6 isn't an upset. I watched CCC play one tournament this year and I've never seen them play Pennsylvania. In fact I haven't seen Pensylvania play since 2004, so I have no idea.

Greg King said...

I would agree that it wasn't an upset, although it was a very disappointing result for us. Penn was definitely the best team we played all year. They played extremely hard D and were pretty good on O. That being said, I believe Carleton was and will be capable of playing with any team in our region.