Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boston Invite 2008- Open Preview


The Ottawa Program, two teams in full force, is headed down to the Boston Invite this weekend.

It should be great.

The tenative schedule was up yesterday, and it should be a good Saturday for both Firebird and Phoenix.

Boston 2007- Yvan Abel Pictures

Sadly, teams in ultimate get hyped and seeded accordingly to past season glory or failure. The general outsider wisdom of true team strength is always a few steps behind the status of the team. Thus, teams like Pike or Mephisto (who were unquestionably NOT at their best this year at CUT) are in the power pools ahead of DoG, Bodhi and Phoenix. We're honestly not talking about much of a difference in terms of team talent, so as long as everyone has a chance to move up on Sunday (they do), we can halt protests in the streets over seeding.

Phoenix will be sending a stronger squad down than at any point this season. Unfortunetly, as I said before, they seemed to be ranked on past years instead of their current lineup. They are not in the elite pool, but will have a chance to move in the elite brackets with a strong first day. if their pool holds, they will get a very valuable experience playing one of the more efficient teams of all time (DoG), Team Canada's 2008 Worlds masters entry (Tombstone), and then play an aggresive athletic game with Gunslingers. (By the way, who got the better players in that gunslingers new noise merge?)

Firebird benefits from full Phoenix attendance, as players move down to the team and will benefit their chances greatly. By no means does this make our Saturday a cakewalk though. If the schedule holds, we get another chance at revenge on Slow Children (who were a bit cocky during White Mountain), a chance to play Halifax based Red Circus for the first time since 2006, and then a chance to reverse our universe point WMO loss to Run Silent, Run Deep.

Other Canadian Teams include Grand Trunk, Magma, Demon, and GOAT.

This is a list of teams I want to see play
  • Great Britain Ultimate
  • All the big boys in the power pool (Boston, GOAT, etc)
Hope everyone is safe on the trip down and looking forward to seeing everyone.


Daniel Fassina said...

Mephisto spent years toiling in Easterns (we won the darn thing two or three times in a row) and never got moved up into Elite. If anyone can relate to being treated harshly by the Boston TDs it's us. They base the seedings very much on the results of the past fall series and somewhat on early season results.

The only change I would make is to move Bodhi up and Pike down. The next move would be to bump either Mephisto or Truckstop but there isn't really anyone who has a strong argument to take their place.

Handy said...

The best New Noise players went to Bodhi, the rest stayed on "Sons of Liberty" and New Slingers is the B team.


By the way, commenter above me, not intended to start a battle here, but after a few run-ins including one of my ex-teammates having his spleen taken out because of a Mephisto game, there is no time I hated playing ultimate besides you guys and (defunct?) Q, yikes.

Sport Management Steven said...

Dan, you raise a good counter argument.

Handy, yikes indeed.

Daniel Fassina said...


The reason your buddy lost his spleen is because he laid out onto the heel of a Mephisto player who was in front of him. You can hardly blame the Mephisto player for that.

I'd be curious to hear what made playing against us so horrible.