Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boston Invite 2008- Women's Preview


The Boston Elite and Women's schedules are up.

As good as the men's side is on a year to year basis, Boston 2008 could be remembered as the year of the elite ladies. The elite ladies categories features almost all the ladies teams that everyone wants to see this year. We may also see a worlds preview between Fury from San Francisco (Team USA) and Traffic from Vancouver (Team Canada).
Photo by: Corry Berghout

Get your popcorn ready!

  • Okay, this field is F-ing stacked!
  • Canada is represented by our Worlds team and Stella from Ottawa. If Vancouver's Canada team is borrowing key members from Stella, the ladies from Ottawa might have a long tough weekend in this pool. That comment has more to do with the talent on the other sides than the young promising talent of the Stella squad.
  • I would encourage all players to watch this games as much as possible on the weekend. You won't see as good a field on the east coast for the rest of the summer.
  • Lots of Canadian representation
  • Lotus, Lily, QUB, Storm, and Salty make the trip down, and should have lots of good games from Yankee opponents.
  • Key games on day one should include Salty-Lotus, Storm vs Wicked, and Nemesis vs Ambush.

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