Friday, July 11, 2008

Ontario Women's Regionals 2008


The Ontario Women's Regionals take place this weekend. There are five teams, and 4 bids:


Shannon Becker-Boston 2008
Corry Berghout Photos

Here are some previews of the teams:

Stella- Despite a young roster, Stella is poised to take the number one seed at regionals. They are lead by the same girls who made UPA college followers say "Ottawa Who?". New members to the team continue to get outside praise for improvement.

Lotus- Let's be honest here- the Capitals are able to compete at UPA nationals based on strong talent coming from both Toronto and Ottawa. Lotus could very well take the regionals crown. They will also be a favored to be semi finalists at No Borders next weekend.

PPF- 2nd place finish at Jazz last weekend, and had an excellent TUF. I saw them play last weekend and I was very impressed with their athleticism and their love of the big play. They are the first legitimate threat to Stella and Lotus in this province in a long time. If they can keep producing bid d's and get better decisions when near the red zone, they'll scare teams at nationals.

Scarlett- Outside of Carrie Lugg, they lack a lot of big game/throw experience at handler. However, I was really impressed by the improvement this team showed at Jazz last weekend. Lots of athletes.. and willing to grind it out on every point. Major hurdle is getting the offence going, especially off of a turn.

Lily- Not sure where the team was for Jazz last week. They defaulted. It's a fight between Scarlett and Lily for the last bid to nationals, and Lily has the home field advantage.

Best of luck to all teams this weekend!!

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