Thursday, August 7, 2008

LogJam 2008 Results


Trip to St Alban's was an interesting one. Here's a breakdown on the weekend

The Tournament and Town

  • St Alban's is a little over 5000 and has a great little town feel to it
  • It's almost impossible for the town's restaurants to handle a tournament rush for dinner, so plan accordingly
  • The fields are directly accross the street/road from a nice hotel call La Quinta. You'll never get that close at any other tourney
  • Field food was good on day one, absent on day two
  • Water was great and refilled often
  • Fields were of good quality. Some fields were REALLY narrow though
  • Tournament format was cool. Late Saturday start, 6 games for everyone, stresses performance in the round robin
Our Team
  • We went down with a smallish roster and hoped we could play our best on point one. That didn't happen
  • We had a miserable first two games versus Providence (we want that one back) and Chuckwagon (Should of been closer, but the better team won)
  • o-2 to start a weekend where we expected to go to semis, we then took off with some great wins versus Prankster Robotics, Good News Everyone, and Magma on Sunday morning.
  • Knowing Prankster went universe with Chuckwagon, we hold out hope that theywill beat Providence and allow us into the semis. It doesn't happen.
  • We end up playing for 5th versus Red Hook. A great game that sees us take half, and then falter in the second half. Outside of one aggro player (who Polish Prince silents with a taste of his own rough medicine) it's a great fought game in the rain.
  • Overall, good bonding weekend for the boys and a nice tune up for nationals
Tourney Results
  • Chuckwagon pleases the local crowd and wins the Open tourney over Montreal A in the finals
  • Ambush (our adopted women's team for the weekend) wins the women's title over Missconnduct

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