Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mixed Up Results


Brief rundown of the weekend:

  • Montreal's RIP takes Pool A with a 4-0 Day, 3 teams go 2-2 and local coed "A" squad Bytown Flatball Club goes 0-4
  • Onyx takes Pool B with a 4-0 day, while Ringer pickup team Phella goes through a 2-2 day. Monster, Ontario regional champs, has a tough 1-3. Underrated Liquid puts together a solid 3-1 day in the pool of death
  • Polatouches and Tabasco (I told you to watch out for them!!) move into quarters by winning their pool.
  • Big Fish of Ottawa goes undefeated in pool play and D.I.R.T. is the class of the junior pool
  • Like most ringer teams, Phella gets better with each game and makes it to finals versus RIP
  • Quebec City's B squad wins the 9th place bracket
  • The Company from Waterloo wins the 19th place bracket
  • Ottawa Junior B (O2) has a fantastic sunday and finishes above the Ottawa Junior A team
  • RIP takes the final and wins the tournament in time cap 13-9
Congrats to RIP the consolation pool champs, and to the organizers and volunteers.

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