Thursday, May 21, 2009

UPA College Finals 2009- It's Go Time!


UPA college finals begins this Friday.

Men's bracket is here

Women's bracket is here

I've already made my observations as follows:

Team USA versus College All Star Alums- Who will win?

Factoid that Might Only be Interesting to me and Peter King

Comparison of RRI, UPA Top 25 and Actual Open Finals Participants

UPA College Finals-Teams Determined.

But I want to hear from you! Who will win each division? Will the winners be top four finalists from last year? How will Ottawa do?

Best of luck to our Gee Gee ladies... bring the ladies title back to Canada for a second year in a row!


Sport Management Steven said...

Women's News

-Ottawa loses in the quarters to a very good Oregon squad

The two finalists (UCSB and Washington) were final four teams last year, and ensure that the trend of winning the title after making it to the final four the year before is continued:

Sport Management Steven said...

Men's News

Colorado and Carleton College will duke it out for the title. As on the women's side, the champion will have been a final four team from 2008.