Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blockstak does Gender + Flowerbowl Results


Pictures of CUT 2009 are found right here. Photos are courtesy Corry Berghout.

BlockStak.TV captures but a small part of the madness of Gender Blender. Very nice piece by the gang from the United Kingdom.

The big question is- Will anybody ever be able to beat Hadiya Roderique's "single ladies" rendition? Amazing.

Derek Alexander... Derek Being Derek

I'm still looking for Flowerbowl 2009 results either on the tournament site or on UPA.

I found the women's results partially reported... but I'm hoping one of my Vancouver readers can give us the full results for all three divisions.


Cal States Results are listed here

Open- Revolver wins, Jam and Two Sockeye Teams make it to semis
Womens- Fury wins 11-10 over Riot in the final... clearly the two best women's teams in the upa
Mixed- Mischief from the Bay Area wins the crown... and I think the phrase "That's what she said", now an ultimate team name, is officialy DONE!

Other Results

Backhoe Split Squad wins $2000 at Texas Shootout. Given the effect the economy has had on the US and even on some ultimate teams, I am surprised the Texas Shootout was able to continue this year with prize winnings.

On the mens side, Prairie Fire from Kansas City beat out Johnny Bravo and three Doublewide split squads for the $4000 prize.

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lank89 said...

From what i have heard from flowerbowl

George beat Furious in the Final 15-14.

George played Beefshark (mostly TFP guys) in the semi's. Beefshark was up 9-7 at half, but George ended up winning 15-11. I believe Furious played an Invictus split squad in the semis, no idea on the score.