Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Monkey gets Furious on CTV... Coed Results.. Team Rankings?


Furious George was featured on a local CTV news show, and the report was picked up by the national network. Flowerbowl 2009 was mentioned in the lead in.

This is no means the tipping point for ultimate frisbee in the media, but I found it to be a solid piece. Morgan Hibbert and Nick Menzies gave solid interviews. The scrimmage shown didn't have separate teams and jerseys (giving it a pick up/unorganized look) but few teams could demonstrate the game's skills as well as the Monkey.

Nice job boys... and I hope Flowerbowl is a huge hit.

Here's a rundown of coed results from the past weekend

Gender Blender- No results posted, but Blender is not really about results. Everyone I've heard from has sung the same "This year was epic" tune :)

Mixed Easterns- Canadian finishes and won-loss records

Team Final Placement Win- Loss Record
ONYX 6th (tie) 4-2
Gecko 3rd (tie) 5-2
BFC 22nd 0-6
RIP 6th 3-3
Monster 18th 3-4
Spawn 21st 4-2
Polatouches 25th 5-2


Two years ago, another site had power rankings for open teams. I'm not sure if he is doing it this year, but do you (the readers) of this blog want me to have weekly/montly ranking of open/womens/coed teams leading up to nationals?

What should be the basis of the rankings. Head to Head? Total wins? Major Tournament finishes?

As you cna imagine, I'll need regional help/suggestions in order to make the rankings accurate. Let me know if you think it is a good idea.


T1000 said...

The game shown was the Flowerbowl semi-final between "George" (half the FG roster) and "BeefShark." The latter was comprised of largely TFP men, plus various UBC players + friends -- hence the lack of consistent uniforms.

Pierre-Paul Champagne said...

What happen with firebird ? So far, they are not in boston, Mtl and CUC !

Hodge said...

Firebird is on hiatus for this year :(