Monday, June 29, 2009

Boston Invite 2009- Results Summary- The Big Smoke's Big Day!


First, thanks to all of you who visited last week and gave insider information on the teams that were playing at Boston. Given the amount of flamers and crap talkers on other sites, I was really impressed with the accurate information on the teams.

Results are in from Boston.

The city of the day is Toronto. Elite champions in both genders, and an Easterns III championship from Grand Trunk as well.


Had 5 out of 8 quarter final picks right, with 4 out 4 semi picks and the correct finalists. Yes, it was mostly luck and a lack of volatility at the top for these kind of tourneys.

Saturday Notes
  • Goat and Ironside hold their seed
  • Bodhi continues to impress and challenge the big two in the East
  • Mephisto has a very tough 0-3 pool day and loses their crossover
  • Phoenix goes 1-2 in pool play but wins the crossover to stay in elite
  • PoNY bombs out on day one, losing all three pool games and their cross-over
  • Forge has a bounce back Saturday and wins their crossover to Sunday elite quarters
  • Providence Pack Dogs (great name BTW) dominates again this year and wins elite crossover
  • The Replicants had a poster called their shot... and they actually stepped up and walked the walked. 3-0 in pool play and won their crossover into Easterns 1.
  • Roots of Rhythm have an excellent Saturday and win their crossover into Easterns 1
  • Red Circus of Halifax goes 1-2 on day one
  • Grand Trunk of Toronto goes 3-1 on day one
  • Demon of Montreal is the best Canadian story of day one, going 4-0 and winning their pool. Huge improvement from last year's tournament at this time for this squad.
  • Magma from Montreal goes 1-3 on day one, but also shows better results from last year.

Sunday Notes
  • GOAT and Ironside march to the finals
  • Bodhi continues to shine, finishes 3rd
  • Phoenix loses in the quarterfinals , loses in the 5th place bracket but advances to the 5th place game and loses to Sons of Liberty. I'm not sure how a team loses the 5th place semi and moves on the 5th place final.. but I am sure there was a reason. Final record 2-5 and 6th place
  • Mephisto (2-5) finishes in 13th.
  • PoNY rebounds and takes 9th
  • Red Circus (3-3) goes on a Sunday run, but loses to Philly Love for the Easterns II championship and finishes 18th
  • Demon (6-1) has a huge weekend, losing only to Red Circus and finishes 19th-20th
  • Grand Trunk (6-1) routs some teams on Sunday and takes the Easterns III trophy (27th)
  • Magma (1-5) finishes 33rd, having faced some stiff competition and competing very hard in their games.
Finals (As told by Lady Logic)

"Goat winning on universe point over Ironside, holding on to the win after Ironside makes a comeback from being down 11-7 to tie it at 13s, game to 14. On the final point, (Sam) Kennedy takes down a big hammer just outside the endzone, almost right on the sideline. Up the line pass gets tipped by a defender but Thomson McKnight ends up on his back with the winning catch for the GOATs."


Saturday Notes
  • Ozone wins pool A as expected. Bent surprises the tourney seed and jumps 3 teams to take second in the pool
  • Lotus wins pool B, Nemesis takes second and Brute Squad takes 3rd. Storm goes 1-3 on day one
  • Pool C shows QUB from Quebec city having a great day at 2-1, while Montreal's new club Mystik goes 0-3
  • Salty of Halifax, rumoured to be on the rise this year, has a great saturday, going 3-0. Sadly, they lose their crossover chance versus another upstart team with the apt name Wildcard.
Sunday Notes

Does anyone ever finish their games? Why do we have so many games if we don't finish them?
  • Stella, Storm, Bent and Lady Godivia bow out in quarters
  • Stella (2-3) and Storm (1-4) finish in the 5-8 range
  • Mystik finishes 0-4
  • QUB finishes 2-3 and finishes 7-8th
  • No Sunday data for Salty
Finals (As told by Lady Logic)

"Lotus starts the game against Nemesis up 2-0, ends up down 5-7, but then scores 3 in a row (O, D, D) to take half and never relinquishes the lead again, winning 15-11 over Nemesis."


David Todd said...

Crossover games got postponed after about 15 minutes of play on Saturday due to lightning, so they were played Sunday and everything else got pushed back. Providence beat Phoenix but didn't want to play another game so Phoenix played for 5th.

Sonia said...

Storm beats Stella 12-11 in the 5th place bracket, then loses to Godiva to finish 6th.

Rob said...

thanks to EK, whoever you are, for picking us to advance. greatest from our game against mephisto: