Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 Canadian Open Power Rankings


Leading up to Nationals, I will attempt to produce monthly power rankings of the CUC divisions.

Photo: GOAT- Boston Invite 2009 Elite Champs
Source: Anatoly Vasilyev

Criteria (In Order)
-Performance this Year
-Past CUC results and previous year's results

Right now, picks 3-6 are a toss up.

  1. Goat (Toronto)- Boston Invite Champs deserve the title as best team in the nation. One of the things that impresses me from the picture above is that the core of GOAT is actually quite young, and this team could just be starting to peak for many years.
  2. Furious George (Vancouver)- Not registered for CUC, but will make a rankings exception for the great Monkey. A year of transition sees many old vets out and many new talents into the lineup.
  3. Invictus (Calgary)- Tough D, Big throwers like Robert Mcleod, and some continuty in Calgary could help make for a CUC title run.
  4. Mephisto (Montreal)- Strong CUT 2009, Weaker Boston Invite...
  5. General Strike (Winnipeg)- 2009 CUC Hosts expect nothing less than open gold in August. MOFO junior program is a factory of talent, and it should transfer to the men's program
  6. Phoenix (Ottawa)- Looking to defend their No Borders title this year before targeting redemption at nationals.
  7. Grand Trunk (Toronto)- A bit puzzling thus far this season. The team looks deeper and more talented than it has ever been. However, results at No Surf and Boston were just okay. My guess: They are working to plateau in August.
  8. Mangina (Regina)- Everyone always discounts them, and they always hold their own every summer. Best logo in the circuit. (Send me a green jersey!!)
  9. Blackfish (Vancouver)- Amazing B Team in 2008, an insult call them a B team really. Many of their core players moved on to Furious, but some solid veterans remain. This team knows how to develop talent.
  10. Red Circus (Halifax)- Strong showing at Boston. Team thinks this is an up year after a strong development year in 2008.
  11. Too Bad (Toronto)- Savvy veteran squad. How strong will the squad be at CUC?
  12. Sofa Kings (Kelowna)-We won't see much of them until nationals outside of Flowerbowl. A very strong middle tier team that was a win away from quarterfinals last year (I feel responsible for that... oh wait, it was us!)
  13. Demon (Montreal)- Strong Boston Invite showing. Patience of 2008 is paying off with a better roster in 2009.
  14. ROY (Toronto)- Last year was a very tough year for this team after a solid 2007 nationals. Now, it seems like talent has trickled down from Goat and GT and Brad Amson is being rewarded for his hard work with ROY.
  15. SirLoin- Team's height in 2008 was impressive. Year 2 seems more organized, and results could prove positive.
  16. Tommy Douglas Dream Machine (Saskatoon)- Great name for a new open team.
  17. Flatline (Vancouver)- News is that this team is better than 2008. If you have to be a C team in a city, Vancouver seems like an excellent place to do it.
  18. Magma (Montreal)- In development mode. Getting better results in 2009.


streeter said...
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streeter said...

If you are including teams that aren't going to CUC. Namely, Goat and Furious. Then Beef Shark from Vancouver should definitely be in the 3rd spot. Semi-Finals at Flowerbowl. Tied for fifth at Solstice (tied with Furious).

Mixture of TFP men, UBC men and UBC Alumni. Playing the UPA Series in the Fall.

Taylor said...

Like the rankings, Steven. I would hope that GT is trying to peak for CUC rather than plateau. FYI, ROY's being coached by Nate Brown this year (though Brad is still playing) and is no doubt the strongest ROY ever. Looking forward to Borders - you seem to have attracted some healthy competition.

moses said...

From what I know, Flatline has pulled out of Nationals. It's a shame, as they really were gaining momentum this season.

T1000 said...

Yes, Flatline recently dropped out of the running, which is too bad. I don't think they realize how many people want to see them improve. We're going to need to do a better job of supporting our C-teams.

As a result, I'd like to call everyone's attention to the availability of the sixteenth Open bid at CUCs: www.canadianultimate.com

This sudden availability of an Open bid means that teams who would otherwise have to qualify in other divisions have a chance to win this bid to Nationals by acclaim.

Big Smooth said...

Hey Edmonton, that's your cue.

Sport Management Steven said...

If I see BeefShark at No Borders... they get into the rankings. :)

Batch said...

How about a co-ed ranking?
I'll give you a hand:
9)CHAOS (?)

Hard to rank MONSTER and CHAOS since I haven't seen any results from them.

Big Smooth said...

They still play co-ed at Nationals?
It's kinda like the special olympics of ultimate. What's the point?

ryan said...

Your power rankings would give the following seeds and pools:

1. Invictus
2. Mephisto
3. General Strike
4. Phoenix
5. Mangina
6. Grand Trunk
7. Blackfish
8. Red Circus
9. Sofa Kings
10. Too Bad
11. SirLoin
12. Demon
13. Tommy Douglas Dream Machine
14. ROY
15. Magma
16. **

Red Circus
Sofa Kings

Too Bad


Tommy D.