Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coed's Big Weekend- Gender Blender Madness and Boston Mixed Easterns


Hat tip to elstagio about two major coed tourneys taking place this weekend on the coed circuit.

Gender Blender takes place in Fergus, Ontario this weekend and claims to be the wildest coed tourney on the North American circuit. Outdoor camping, Karaoke Idol, Best/Worst Drink Team Competitions, Fastest Woman, Fastest Man, Throw Run Catch competitions, All star Game, Cups competition... it's amazing that they pull it off every year and leave every team so happy.
Throw a Massive Log on the Field? Why Not? It's Blender!

For the more serious co-ed club team, there is the Boston Mixed Easterns tournament this weekend as well. Canada is well represented by the following teams
  • Bytown Flatball Club- Ottawa's A team finished 3rd at their 1st tourney of the season and will look to build on that
  • ONYX- (Quebec City) Last year's CUC silver medalists begin their road to nationals as the second seed in the tournament
  • Gecko- (Sherbrooke) Experienced team were a dissapointing 10th at CUC 2008 but before that had a strong 2008 touring season.
  • Monster- Toronto's A coed team used to be a push over. Now they do the pushing. Actually, they're way too spirited to push, but they are very good at ultimate. Still a little enigmatic with results (CUC 2008 was a dissapointment).
  • RIP- Like Monster, they weren't always the A team in their city. Now, they are. 4th at Nationals last year, 2nd at TUF 2009.
  • Polatouches- Another Sherbrooke team
  • SPAWN- Fredericton New Brunswick's finest intend to return to nationals in Winnipeg.
It's really a toss up to pick who finishes on top of the Canadian teams, but RIP/Monster/ONYX are favorites based on past results.


butler said...

who is highlighting Bytown's roster this year? Did many people switch from open to mixed?

Sport Management Steven said...


Not many open players switched over. Some very promising players from Firebird (Josh Tai and Thom Fergusson) have made the switch and will help.

The have added a former Liquid captain (Justin Lee). I haven't seen him play with BFC yet, but reports are glowing.

Taylor said...

Watch out for Justin, he's ineligible.

Ti-Loup said...

Hi, just to say that Quiet Coyotes and Slow White make the final at Mixed Easterns this weekend and that Gecko had the highest canadian result of the weekend
(3/4)with RIP and ONYX int he 5 to 8 bracket!
Looks good for Quebec's teams....

higy said...

a little late, but Snap!