Monday, June 1, 2009

Is Ultimate Ready for a College Signing Day?


Was refereed to an interesting high school ultimate site called Play Ultimate. They have developed some site buzz by having an annual College Signing Day announcement for high school ultimate players.

According to the site:

"For the past three years (2008, 2007, 2006) PlayUltimate has compiled a list of high school seniors and their college choices. It has grown into the National College Ultimate Signing Day. Now everyone will be able to see which colleges have the best recruiting classes and maybe even begin to look into the crystal ball a bit."

Naturally, the process has many holes, and given the infancy of the game and its propensity to see players parachute into the game after high school, this signing day barometer is not as accurate as the scout and professional division football, baseball, basketball and hockey signing day machines.

However, The signing day announcement idea (seen here) has a lot going for it. Attempts to create exposure for young rising stars in the game is good. Discussing these teams and which college teams they will play for is fun. And maybe this kind of interest will create more interest in the decisions being for junior teams and national junior team squads. I'm shocked at the amount of players from Kobe Bryant's high school (Lower Merion HS)

I think this might be easier for Canada to do. Thus, if you're running a juniors team this summer with players moving on to university this fall, you can feel free to send me the info and I will make all the prospects part of our fall Canadian university coverage.

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