Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Tourneys This Weekend


A lot of big tourneys happening outside of Ottawa

Colorado Cup

Elite pool looks awesome, Open less awesome but features Canada's Blackfish and Texas Shootout champs Prairie Fire from Kansas City, and the Women's pool looks very interesting.

New York Invite

It's a lot less cooler to say New York Invite than Middleton Invite (cause when the fields at 1.5 hours away from the fields... you're not really staying in New York or playing there, same downside of the Boston Invite)

Bitterness aside, this 15 team tournament should be a doozy. Highlights will include:

  • Canadian Teams GOAT, Phoenix and Mephisto
  • Portland Oregan team Rhino
  • Seattle B Team Voodoo
  • North Carolina's Wilmington
  • Replicants from New York get to show their mettle in Power Pool play.

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