Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mixed Up 2009 Preview- Co-ed In the Capital!


The Annual Mixed Up Ultimate tournament takes place this weekend. I promised a review, and here it is.

Defending Champs: RIP from Montreal

Format: Pool Play.. Pre quarters Sunday, every pool has Sunday championship possibilities. getting to finals will not be easy.

All the big coed teams (save for Monster) should be there this weekend as a preview for Nationals.

Pool A

Liquid from Waterloo has been tough all year and expect nothing less this weekend. Most of the male players had a great weekend at No Borders and will be ready to play a faster/aggressive style of play. Andrew Higgins is the man, but I should really point out two other members of the squad- former Fabulous Flying Flamingo Yaacov Illand and lefty huck specialist Stefanie Wong.

Gecko from Sherbrooke is the second/third best team in La Belle Province and have only had one bad tournament in two years (nationals) while BFC squeaked into nationals but hopes to turn the season around in front of their home fans. Solid is a local pickup team that will feature some talent, and a very speedy receiver in Aaron Steele.

Pool B

RIP is the best team in Quebec according to regionals and they will tune up before nationals with heady competition. Former Ottawa resident Andrew "Batch" Batchelor finds himself on a team with high hopes and good results. Tundra from Toronto is lead by Craig "Frogger" Froats and features a serious deep threat game. I have no idea where Tundra is now in comparision to years past, but we will find if they are ready to make a big step this year.

ARSE (Andy R Stewart Experience) is a local pickup team of players who condition/train under the great Andy Stewart. Can't say much more about the team (I choose not to as co captain), but I am sure they will be enjoying themselves and saying things like "Up down... Down Up" all weekend. Big Fish from Ottawa lost on universe in the game to go to nationals and will be looking to take out frustrations on unsuspecting opponents.

Pool C

ONYX from Quebec City was last year's nationals silver medalists. The rich get richer, as former Phoenix Player Jonathan Lestage joins their d line corps. Lestage is a great player that would be a great locker room presence.. if for any reason the team found itself in a locker room (You get my point). Kung Fu Grip is a fast rising team from Rochester with big wins this summer against tough foes. Practice is an Ottawa team that will feature the talented Keith Bourdon and Ken Maclean. Polatouches is Sherbrooke's B team and given the talent on GECKO and lack of mens/womens team, should be a tough match for all comers.

Pool D
Prophecy from Quebec City had a tough QC regionals and was looking for women as of this week. Zen Asylum had a similar time at Ontario regionals. Trouble Light is a Guelph team that might try to steal a spot in pre-quarters. Umani (Quebec City) and Plogg (Sherbrooke) are unknown teams that add to the amazing support Quebec lends to this tournament.

Pool E

The Company from Waterloo is the top seed in the pool and should expect to hold it. However, Hard from Montreal had an excellent match versus RIP at Comedy of Errors and might be a sleeper. Arrested Development will be adding a very high end Ottawa player for the weekend who will be of great help. Capital Punishment has a name that pays homage to the first open team from Ottawa and features mostly league players from Ottawa. Flying Saucer competed at Comedy of Errors and had some mixed results.

Pool F

Quebec's support continues in this pool. Tabasco and Friends might be seeded very low considering their performance at Comedy of Errors. The B1 team on Sunday might have a tough pre quarter match. I've never heard of Rotomixte from Quebec or Bulldogs from Toronto, but I do not expect them to be dangerous pick up ringer teams given the New York Invite is happening this weekend. Goyam already played at Comedy of Errors and had some trouble handling the big boys.

Pool G

This is a juniors pool featuring teams from Ottawa, Toronto, and Sherbrooke. They will be playing most of their games at Lynda Lane fields 1 and 2. If you have time, make it over and cheer them on.

Matchup of the day will be the 5:40-6:55 at field 1, where OJ and Dirt will face one another in a head to head matchup.


Batch said...

Hard and Tabasco & Friends both contacted me to tell me they have significantly weaker rosters this weekend compared to when they played the hometown tourney (COE) two weeks ago. Don't expect similar results as they had there. That said, Tabasco may still give 1b the toughest pre-quarter.

Sport Management Steven said...

Sounds like the scheduler had good info and seeded properly then.

soniak said...

I'm still confused with Prophecy. First, they are a supposedly competitive coed team, meaning that they should be able to field enough women for a 4/3 and 3/4 tournament. Then they drop out of COE (a purely 4/3 tourney) 24 hours before the start of the tournament citing lack of women (huh?). Then I read that they are still as of this week looking for women? What gives? Is QC City so lacking women who can play frisbee?