Sunday, September 27, 2009

CEUUC 2009- Shark Bite!!!!

Congratulations to the University of Western Ontario Sharks, who defeated the University of Toronto Torontula 11-7 to win the Canadian Eastern University Ultimate Championship.

This is the first championship for Western. Torontula had won the three previous CEUUC and National championships.

On the women's side, the University of Ottawa Gee Gees won their 4th straight CEUUC title. Newcomer U de Montreal Diva had an impressive tournament and finished in 2nd place.

(Top 8 Listed today, the rest tomorrow on the tournament site)


1. University of Ottawa - GeeGees
2. Université de Montréal - Ultime Diva
3. McGill University - Martlets
4. University Toronto - Torontula
5. Guelph University - Guelph
6. University of Western Ontario - Sharkbait
7. Queen's University- Paper Bag Princess
8. University of Waterloo - Waterloo
1. University of Western Ontario - Sharks
2. University of Toronto - Torontula
3. Carleton University - Ravens
4. University of Guelph - Guelph
5. Queen's University - Mothership
6. University of Ottawa - GeeGees
7. McGill University - Redmen
8. McMaster University - McMaster


andysiy said...


higy said...

shark shark

Taylor said...

Well done boys. Looking forward to CUUC.

NateB said...

Congrats to Western. You guys were the class of the tournament all weekend long. Nationals is going to be a battle.

ngifford said...

Results are up (top 8 tonight, rest tomorrow)


ngifford said...

(and a few pics at that address too)

jordomeron said...

congrats boys!!! well deserved.

titfortat said...

Great game, dudes.

Batch said...

I've noticed that there are some teams with great results at Easterns from Southern Ontario that have not yet registered for CUUC's in Montreal. Have the teams from UWO, Waterloo and Guelph decided it's too far? It would be a shame if these schools weren't there.

snake meron said...

Batch- Western, Guelph, and Waterloo will all be there.