Friday, March 5, 2010

Just some Friday Banter in Early March


Where have all the bloggers gone during the off-season?

First Jeters left his post early last year and hasn't returned. The Huddle has not put out anything new all year. MSSUI was a classic example of a hype site with a bad name and even worse dedication follow through (started in 2008.. no new articles since 2008). Parinella has been the most active blog whose posts I consider a must read.

As for me, I've been silent as well. Partly because some of the Ultimate Canada groups I am working on with require me to be silent. Partly because work and life have been pretty hectic as of late. However, all excuses have to be put aside when I get e-mails from readers like this.

"Dude that was one hell of a break on the blog...I felt like an abandoned child in a mall"

I'm not just a deadbeat blogger.. I'm also a terrible parent. Let's make some amends then shall we?

U-23 Worlds- Go of No Go?

It's a go. Men's and Women's divisions.

A very tough decision for Ultimate Canada. Here is why:
  • WFDF really rushed the decision to move forward on this tournament. No real bid process was followed.
  • The USA has pulled out for some very valid reasons.
  • Other countries were slow to commit
  • The tournament directory team looks a little inexperienced and their ability to carry about such a tournament at an International level is question.
We had a tremendous amount of feedback from players interested in attending. Hopefully that will remain the case when these players must spend money to travel and train with Team Canada. (Interest does not always equal to Commitment in ultimate).

Personally, I have put my name in for the Team Manager and Coaching positions. I feel like my experience working with the Operations section of the Canadian Olympic Committee for the 2008 games should be a strong case for the Manager position. Visas, accreditation, travel, accommodation, and tryout processes are all "little things" that are surprisingly important.

Coaching wise, I'd love to get a chance to coach some of the under 23 players who have expressed interest. Who wouldn"t? The players I've seen through college and open play are talented and have the ability to carry out gameplans and schemes. U-19 and U-23 National Teams are a great way to prepare these players for future development and World/Club level participation.


Michael said...

Ouch. :(

Guess I shouldn't be too hurt. Don't know if you were including the college scene.

jordomeron said...

exciting news!
when can we expect to hear about who is getting coaching positions and tryout dates?

Greg King said...

I'm sure I could look this up, but for everyone's enjoyment I'll pose the question here. Where is the U-23 tournament going to take place?

Jake said...

They'll be in Florence July 19th-25th. I wonder how many U23's might have to make a choice between WUCC and U23's. I know living in England right now there's quite a few that can't commit to doing both.

Sport Management Steven said...


Thanks for the link. I will read it.

Jordon, expect tryouts to be in May. They will probably be timed around College Series dates. Conflicts are bad.