Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Mountain Mephisto Magic!


Some great pics of TUF 2010 are available via Corry Berghout's site.

Teams are still in the tryout mode or the feeling out mode of the summer touring season, but we're finally starting to get some tournament results in on the new upa score reporter site.

This past weekend, the White Mountain Open took place in Hanover NH. Despite having a population of roughly 11,000, it's highly regarded as a place to live, and there is just enough to see and do for a weekend. It's a beautiful little area for a tournament.

6 Canadian teams were in action, as well as a number of highly regarded teams in the north east region.

Magma of Montreal had a tough Saturday in a very tough pool. They did not manage to score more than 5 points in any of their games. Any team would have tempered expectations if your schedule read: Sons of Liberty, Q, Chuck Wagon and a Bodhi split squad.

Q from Quebec City is back after a two year absence, and that is a welcome site for Canadian open ultimate. Q put up strong fights against Bodhi and SOL, and lost a heartbreaking one point loss to Chuckwagon. Expect this team to improve throughout the season.

Firebird from Ottawa has returned this season after a one year hiatus. Despite struggling against a Bodhi split squad, the team manage to pound Red Tide 13-2, the first time Firebird has beaten Portland's finest open club.

Demon from Montreal, coming off a fantastic 2009 season, went 1-3 record on day one. Demon had a tough day against their A team Mephisto and strong New York club Replicants, but handled Dartmouth Plane Train easily and lost a one pointer against Sherbrooke.

Bloody Gary is a new open team from Sherbrooke... building on the past juniors and coed development in that city. Bloody Gary had a great first weekend, going 2-2 on day and beating Montreal's Demon by one. I smell a rivalry in the making!!

Mephisto of Montreal (defending CUC champs) had a strong weekend. They breezed through day one play in three of their games, and beat the Replicants 14-12 in a strong pool match up.

In the championship bracket....

Mephisto was the only Canadian team in the quarterfinals. They easily outscored a Bodhi split squad and Sons of liberty to advance to the final.

The finals pitted Bodhi Y versus Mephisto. Montreal was able to take home the WMO crown with a single point win over the boys from the Boston area.

A small victory on the road to Prague Preparation! Next major open tournament in the area will be CUT in Cazenovia, NY.


Jake said...


WUCC preliminary seedings has Phoenix 7th

T1000 said...

N.B. -- WFDF made errors in the preliminary seeding. The final seedings are expected to look quite different.