Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'USA Ultimate' Lunched- May Tournament Reviews


On May 24th, The Ultimate Players Association officially became USA Ultimate. This took place soon after CUPA became Ultimate Canada and launched its new site.
I don't think this was a major surprise to many. The new name, new logo and new website seem to be a fit for both organizations.

It seems from their communications that USA ultimate will continue with the status quo as it relates to their college and club series, specifically as it relates to Canadian teams participation.

Finally, CUPA and UPA won't have to explain to other members of the sports world that they are the national sport organization, and not a player's union. :)

Tournaments in May

KN in Montreal noted I forgot to review the recent Bell Crack Coed Classic in Philly and the women's section of the White Mountain Open. I had some problems with score reporter opening both of those tournaments.. previously, and apologize for the slight.

Bell Crack Coed Classic- May 15-16, 2010

Four of Ontario and Quebec's finest coed teams were active in this year's tournament.
  • Denoiret from Montreal, a mixture of Mephisto and Storm players entered as the third seed in their four team pool. They went 3-0 in day one pool play, beating tournament top seed Quiet Coyote 15-9.
  • RIP from Montreal also beat their seed and went 3-0 in pool play
  • ONYX from Quebec City entered as the highest Canadian seed and won their pool with a 3-0 record.
  • Monster from Toronto, one of Hogtown's strongest coed teams annually, went 1-2 in pool play and lost the crossover to get into the quarters by a single point. They later went on to win the B Consolation bracket on Sunday.
Three of the four Canadian squads advanced to the quarterfinals, and all of the easily moved on to the semis. Denoiret edged out ONYX in one semi, while RIP won their semi to nab a place in the finals.

In the all Canadian final, scratch that, all province of Quebec final, scratch that, all Montreal final, Denoiret defeated RIP 15-6. Perhaps these two teams could have a rematch before Mephisto, Storm and RIP all head to Prague to represent our country.

Overall, some fantastic performances by Canadian teams in a tough early tournament.

White Mountain Open- Women's Division- May 22-23 2010

Four Canadian squads were involved in New Hampshire at WMO.

Storm of Montreal entered as the number 2 tournament seed. They rolled on day one, going 4-0 in strong fashion.

QUB of Quebec City entered as the second seed in their pool and went 3-1 in pool play. They had a tough result versus top seed bent but set themselves up for a favorable quarterfinal with three very lopsided victories.

Mystik of Montreal held their seed in day one pool play. Their win over Dartmouth cemented their place in the quarters versus QUB.

Chikitas of Sherbrooke, also called EXO, qualified for a play in game to make the quarters with a 1-3 record in pool play. They won the play in game, but unfortunately they landed in a matchup with Bent, NYC's finest women's squad.

In the Sunday play. Storm and QUB advanced to the semis with victories. Chikitas and Mystik lost their respective quarters, and then lost in the consolation semi finals.

Storm beat another Hatch split squad team to advance to the finals, while QUB bowed out quickly to Bent in the other semi.

No score is reported for the final, but Bent's facebook site reports a 13-11 victory for NYC, and BENT leaves Hanover as 2010 champs.

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Christiane Marceau, AUM said...

Chikitas and Mystik lost their respective quarters, and then lost in the consolation semi finals.

Correction: we (Mystik) won our second game on Sunday.