Monday, August 20, 2007

CUC 2007- Masters Analysis

Very happy to see the results of each division from CUC 2007 up on the tourney web page. I hope players of all teams will look them up and update the organizers about missing scores. Truthfully I might add. :)

CUC 2007 was a qualifying tournament for the World Championships in Vancouver next year. As expected, this lead all contending teams to make an appearance, with a full roster. Never was this more apparent than in the Masters division. Many great players who might normal play another division chose to play Masters and get a shot at Worlds. Thus, the division benefited.

Going into the tourney, many predicted that 3 teams would serve as the benchmark- Retro from Vancouver, GLUM from Ottawa, and Tombstone from Toronto. Pool play went accordingly. Of note, #3 GLUM handed #6 Relic a 15-0 pounding, and then beat #2 Retro. Tombstone held #1 seed and rolled through pool play, getting a closer match from Figjam than other opponents could give. Fossil from Toronto (Danny Jose and Devin Hanes are always playing with a smile on their face) surprised many by performing well above their seeding and came into Saturday re-ranked 5th. VQ and Relic dropped.

On judgement day, Tombstone wasted no time or effort in getting to the finals. They were met by GLUM, who survived close games with 2006 champions BDU and Retro. Toronto and Ottawa would once again face off.

I arrived at the fields with GLUM leading. Ottawa actually lead 8-6 at one point, but every fan, player and Sunnybrook pedestrian knew the final wasn't over. Toronto charged back and took a lead they would never relinquish. One break past Chris Keith and the game was over- Tombstone 15, GLUM 11.

From my point of view, the game was a great exhibition of Masters ultimate. I enjoy watching smart players make smart plays, and watching players from WAX, YES, and other dynasties is a great lesson for open players like myself. I'm not suggesting genuflection people, I'm just saying these guys have a lot of savvy.

I am sure readers will be thinking "Who gets added for worlds?". Totally down for that debate, but I wanted to finish off by talking about a well known player- Pete Knowles. After decades of dominating for WaX and Goat, Pete played for GLUM this year. I've heard countless stories of his excellence and seen glimpses. Like a prize fighter being saved, Pete watched his play time during the summer and was saved for the key final. While his team did not win, I was absolutely amazed by one play in the finals. A swing pass to Chris "Sully" Sullivan lead to a rocket hammer pass cross field. The crowd sighed as they expected a turnover.

Cue Pete Knowles.

Screaming across the field break side, Knowles rockets through the air in full layout and grabs the disc from the ground at the last second. I don't give the play justice, but it was pure athleticism and skill. Kudos to him.


Mortakai said...

Keep up the good work, I like reading your stuff.

A couple of minor typos/glitches:

Third paragraph, third sentence, you've said, "and then beat #2 Relic", but you meant, "and then beat #2 **Retro** ".

Also, photo links here (and most above this post) don't seem to be working.


Sport Management Steven said...


-Thanks for the compliment and the constructive corrections. Fixed the Relic mistype.

-I've been a little busy with the Canada Games Council gig, so my editing has been careless.

-Regarding the pictures, what browser are you using? I have been trying to use blogger's "paste a image location link" function, but as you said there have been some picture snafus.