Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Discussion- Who gets picked up for Worlds?


Now that the World berths have been secured in Canada, the names of who will be picked up for Worlds in 2008 are being discussed.
  • What does each Worlds team need?
  • Who do they want?
Another question for discussion:
  • Should World teams keep the same roster that won the berth, or should they have full tryouts?


Anonymous said...

who do you think open/women's/coed will pick up?

Sport Management Steven said...

Totally depends on the criteria
-Best Players
-Position Needs
-Match ups versus World opponents
-Biased friend picks

I opened the posting up to anonymous because I want a discussion about who deserves a spot.

Predictions welcome.

Anonymous said...

They'll keep the same basic roster and add a few studs to the team. I see them adding some goat guys and maybe an Invictus dude or two.

Sport Management Steven said...

I agree, I think that is what will be done.

There are clearly some talented players on GOAT and Invictus that can be considered.

Are there any other players from top 8 teams that should be looked at or evaluated in a spring tryout?

Mephisto- Erik St Amant
Ottawa- Franchise *if he returns as hoped?
General Strike- ?

Anonymous said...

What about for womens?
Do you think they'll take 5 Capitals players? Are there some Alberta or Storm ladies that should be picked?

Sport Management Steven said...

Women's is definitely a great discussion.

I hear Erin Huck is coming back....

I think that there might be ladies on many different teams in Canada that could help Traffic. We easily search the teams that are closest to the top, but maybe there are gems in lower ranked teams. These are risky picks for captains, and they sometimes go unknown/ignored.

In regards to the top teams, we know the Capitals have a stockpile of talent. It would be interesting to see if Traffic valued some Caps players differently than the Caps do.

Storm seems to have a mental block when it comes to playing the Capitals, but they have lots of experience talent. Several players have played with the Caps in previous UPA runs.

I am sure there are players on Team Alberta and even Diggers (Toronto) that would like to be considered, probably with merit.

Let's not forget the Traffic outcasts. There are Vancouver females who chose not to play this year for whatever reason. Is it reconciliation time?