Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colorado Cup + NY Invite Results 2009


Just as a follow up to an earlier post.

New York Invite
  • Sadly, it looks like the final was not played and the semis were cut short for weather/other related reasons. Every TD's worst nightmare.
  • Local Squad PoNY has a resurgence in pool play with a 3-1 record. This is much better than past efforts in Cazenovia and Boston
  • Pike of New Jersey also has a much improved 4-0 pool day and makes it to quarter finals
  • GOAT of Toronto goes 4-0 in pool play and was in semis versus Voodoo of Seattle. As said, looks like the game was cut short and Voodoo lead by one.
  • Replicants fron NY/Other areas has a so so pool record but wins a pre quarters game versus a good Rhino team from Oregon.
  • Mephisto of Montreal has an 0-4 day one pool record but makes quarters and beats Pike to secure a 5th place game versus Forge of Pittsburgh. Does not look like the game got played.
  • Phoenix of Ottawa has a strong Saturday and goes 2-2 in pool play but loses their pre quarters game versus Pike by a score of 15-13. The then do what many teams have done all season and take their frustrations out on Colt .45 of Hartford.
Colorado Cup

Elite pool
  • Doublewide from Austin Texas goes 7-0 in round robin to make the finals.
  • The other finalist was determined by a head to head tie break between Jam (San Francisco) and local favorite Johnny Bravo. Bravo beat Jam in pool play and got to the final.
  • Bravo manages to win the final 13-10 over Doublewide and keep the Colorado Cup in Boulder.
  • Texas Shootout champs Prairie Fire from Kansas City go undefeated all weekend and win the Open title. They defeat Texas team Suess in the finals 13-2 and remain undeafeated this season after two tourneys. Probably should have been in the Elite pool given the scores.
  • A couple of successful teams I did not know about before this tournament include Strike Slip (LA), 99 Problems (Denver) and Suess (Austin/San Marcos/Houston)
  • Blackfish of Vancouver (who I should note have snazzy jerseys this year) went 2-3 in pool play and did not qualify for top bracket playoffs.
  • Pool A leaders were San Fran's Fury and Nemesis from Chicago
  • Pool B leaders were Zeitgeist (BAy Area CA) and Pop of Minneapolis
  • All California final between Fury and Zeitgeist. Fury extends their undefeated streak this season to 16 games.


march said...

do you have a link to a photo of the Blackfish jerseys?

Sport Management Steven said...

AC said...

99 problems are dudes from a mixed team. Pretty good name.

Greg King said...

Basically a GOAT ripoff jersey.

That name is better than good...

T1000 said...

I think I like their whites better, but that's just me: