Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nationals Next Week- Upcoming Previews


Nationals is next week. The web site is located here.

I'll be starting previews tomorrow. I am flying out to Vancouver for the week but will be in Winnipeg next Saturday/Sunday for board stuff and finals action. Can't wait!

Order of Previews


No Borders Party Winners- Correction

Previously, I awarded North Bay and Toronto with the nod. I recently discovered some photos (Courtesy Frederick Li) of the Halifax men's and women's teams that make me have to add them into a three way tie for the title.

If you have photos of the tournament or the party, I encourage you to join the Facebook group and add photos.

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Pierre-Paul Champagne said...

By the way, do we know how many spots Canada have in each category for the World Club ? For sure not enough for Magma to qualify, but it's still interesting to know !