Wednesday, August 5, 2009

London Calling 2009 Preview


London Ontario's annual tournament takes place this weekend. While doing my masters there, I witnessed London's ultimate scene growing in two distinct ways- through the university program and through the local ultimate league. Work done by people like Devin Somers, Dan Barber, Nick Gifford and many others have helped ultimate in London move forward in a positive direction.

Given that nationals is next week, some of the coed teams you would expect to be there are absent. However, I would expect to see some national level players to appear on other teams to get a final tune up before heading to Winnipeg.

The London Ultimate Club site is here and the team list is here.

The favorites from the on site have to be Sick Mitts of Barrie. This team failed to appear at Ontario regionals and thus won't be in Winnipeg. They do not lack talent, featuring Shaw Dungate and Joel Bellavance.

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