Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 CUC Preview- Masters Division


By popular request, the master's division is getting its own review. 2008 saw a two team battle between Calgary's Figjam and Ottawa's GLUM. GLUM was still seething from the loss to Toronto's Tombstone in 2007, and losing their chance for a Worlds 2008 opportunity. Figjam wanted to win at home. In the end, GLUmw as victorious and former Phoenix player Blayne Ferguson was nationals MVP.

List of teams for 2009 is here.

GLUM (Ottawa On) 2008 CUC Result- 1st, Champions

First off, congrats to GLUM player Chowder on his recent nuptials. Way to close the deal Agent Andy!

Most fans of the division thought GLUM was very much the best team in the division last year when they won the title. They team features players from the former WaX, Phoenix, and GLU teams that represented Ottawa's open program for years.

Captains Mike Hill and Jamie Noonan did not sit idle during the off season and added some excellent talent. Most notable is speedster d player Simon Teather, offensive cutter specialist Derek Hodgson, and lefty Seton Steibert who is currently playing dominant ultimate. They and others have been added for their speed and talent, and will be a huge compliment to the existing talent.

Using No Borders as a tune up, the team now has a better sense of what needs to be worked on before this week and the UPA fall series.

Figjam (Calgary AB) 2008 CUC Result- 2nd

If anyone is knocking the GLUM team off the top spot, it is this team from Calgary. An annual competitor at nationals, they too might be on the recieiving end of some newly minted master aged players that will make the switch from open.

Friday at 1:45 pm will be the most highly anticipated round robin game in the division. If you have the bye, you want to watch GLUM/FigJam at field #4

Fossil (Toronto On) 2008 CUC result- 3rd

Hopes are high for Toronto's only masters entrant. As one player explained about his team:

"The team has a number of big, fast players, especially on the D-line. An active, aggressive D is going to be our calling card this year. We have our eyes firmly set on improving from bronze last year, with GLUM right in the cross hairs. Add in Danny's (Jose) bottomless bit of positivity, and anything's possible :)"

Flood (Winnipeg MB) 2008 CUC result- 4th

Local team that was 4th in last year's tournament is quitely seeded at the same spot this year. According to the schedule, this team could easily make it to semis and have a chance for an upset.

You would have to think that there are many former Chaos and open players who could easily be available for this team.

GOB (Montreal, QC) 2008 CUC result- DNP

Finally, a masters team from Montreal, or Quebec in general after a one year absence! They didn't exactly have a blistering summer schedule, but the one tournament they did attend saw them fare well versus a number of open squads.

If they pick up some former Mephisto players they may make life very difficult for the other teams looking to grab semi spots.

Grind (Vancouver BC) 2008 CUC result- DNP

Not much to say about this team, except I often think with the Furious retirements and Vancouver talent pipelines, a masters team from this city will one day emerge and be quite strong.

We'll see if it is this year.

Bad Daddy Ultimate (Ottawa, ON) 2008 CUC result- DNP

The 2006 national champions are back! Lost in the hoopla surronding powerhouse GLUM is the fact that BDU is a very strong team in its own right.

Most notable is team leader Mike Belanger, Ken Maclean, and Keith Bourdon. Wah Phung Lu is an incredible thrower and the team has players that have played on winning BDU and GLUM teams in the past.

EPIC (Calgary AB) 2008 CUC result- 8th

It's not easy finishing last in front of the home crowd last year. It won't be any easier flying to Winnipeg and having the same result this year.

With nowhere to go but up, this team should be set on improving their seed upon final placement. Failing that, they still get to play a game they love and enjoy, and that is a real reward in itself.


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For some of the masters teams it was very hard to collect data. They don't play many tourneys, and they don't have a lot of web presence.

I kept it pretty general for unknown teams in the hope that viewers could add info on some of the lower seeded teams.

But not commenting with any good info yourself and simply flaming my post is great! Classy contribution to a site that aims to be positive and inclusive.

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