Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fearless CUC 2009 Predictions


In advance, apologies for any typos in the previews. It's hard to "vacation" out west, work during the day and get the previews out without some typos and errors. Will try and fix name errors asap.

Also, thanks to all visitors for the increase in traffic. This week we went over 75 thousand visitors in the last two years and we set a record for visitors yesterday. Google analytics is a great tool for tracking this stuff. I see a couple negatives already from reader expansion, but I am sure the usual readers will help me keep the site goals (positive, informative) within reach.

Predictions are below.. please feel free to submit/post your own

Semis: Phoenix, General Strike, Invictus, Mephisto
Finals: Mephisto, General Strike
Champion: Mephisto

Darkhorse: Grand Trunk

Semis: Stella, Lotus, Storm, Zephyr
Finals: Stella, Lotus
Champion: Lotus

Darkhorse: Fusion

Semis: TFP, Liquid, ONYX, RIP
Finals: TFP Liquid
Champion: TFP

Darkhorse: Pandemic

Semis: GLUM, FigJam, BDU, Fossil
Finals: GLUM, Figjam
Champion: GLUM

Darkhorse: Flood


Dante said...

Bold call leaving Invictus out of the finals. They are a pretty solid squad.

I like the GT darkhorse shout out. Team is looking solid going into this tourney and is looking for a solid finish to this season.

andysiy said...

stoked on the darkhorse pandemic prediction. What have u heard about them?

Ryan said...

Let's see, General Strike finished 7th last year (behind 5 of this year's CUC participants) and lost in the quarters at No Borders this year... sounds like a national finalist to me!

Meghan said...

Open semis: Mephisto, Phoenix, Blackfish and GT. No doubt.

Big Smooth said...

A lot of props for Genital Stroke on here so far. I think blogmaster Steve is looking for a free place to stay in the Peg!

Good stuff though - I love this blog!!!

jordomeron said...

blackfihs in the finals meaghan? that's a nre thought haha. i can't wait to see the men this year its going to be a tight race to the end.

jordomeron said...

*new thought

Krown said...

GT can't make the semis - there's observers at this tournament.

Sport Management Steven said...

Invictus could very well win the whole thing. They have injuries, so we'll see.

General Strike was the only team that beat Nomads last year. They and Phoenix are in that rare position where they can beat any team at any time, and yet still have not gotten over the top at CUC.

My accommodation is spoken for without any Strike help. Smooth idea though Big Smooth.. have to make a note of that for next time.

sharpie said...

Phoenix added sharkins to the roster... For that reason alone I am picking Phoenix vs invictus in the final...

Ti-Loup said...

do you have some interesting feedback from day?
I Heard that Gecko win opver TFP and that Chaos beat Rip.....

sharpie said...

I got 50 percent of the final...
What'd I win?