Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ultimate Player Vs Mantracker


Stephen "Rene" Frye is one of the best ultimate receivers I have ever had the chance to handle for. During our time at Western, he was an incredible receiver with speed, hands and ups that made taller men cry. I once threw deep to him 13 times in one single game versus Michigan at upa sectionals and he scored 12 times, often outjumping two 6'4 + guys who were waiting for him deep . He was a gamer that was able to "deliver the mail" on and off the field.

Frye has never been the type to shy away from other challenges or pursuits, so I was not surprised to hear that he participated on the show Mantracker with his brother.

episode airs at 8;00 Pm EST on the OLN network on Saturday August 15th.

Asking you to watch the show if you can! I have no idea how he did but it should be an interesting chase.

Here's what the show is all about:

Mantracker, a veteran cowboy and expert outdoorsman trained by the RCMP to track and retrieve missing persons in the bush. He is totally unflappable – even when tracking in extreme weather conditions – and to him, this is no game. His reputation is on the line and he will stop and nothing to catch his prey.

Throughout each half-hour episode, a pair of perfect strangers from different walks of life team up and attempt to outwit and outrun Mantracker to the finish line. For an adrenaline-charged 36 hours, the pairs travel through extremely difficult terrain in regions including the Yukon, Alberta’s foothills or Northern Ontario. Trekking through deep woods, rugged rock face and rushing rivers, the prey has a head start – but Mantracker has a horse – and these adventurers have a target on their backs every step of the way.


n said...

Hey - that makes at least two disc players. Dustin Demille of North Bay & Too Bad was in season two (

M-W said...

I can't believe those guys won by going in circles...