Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emerald City Classic


3 of our country's best teams will be in Redding, Washington for the Emerald City Classic. Really nice website with team bios for each division.

This is a very elite tourney that aims to attract the best teams in the world and draw international tournament. Sockeye and Riot attract teams due to their talent level, their volunteer efforts and their willingness to financially contribute so that teams from far away can access the tournament more easily.

It is a shame that it falls the same weekend as our own nationals because I would be reviewing and promoting it heavily, but I am sure the ECC and CUPA organizers will work together to make sure it does not happen again.

Schedules for Canadian teams GOAT, Furious George, and Traffic can be found here.

I will save the discussion of "Should all Canadian teams be at CUC" for a later date. I am sure it will be a heated topic that should not take away from nationals discussion this week.


Hodge said...

I heard that GOAT beat Furious 12-10 yesterday.

Sport Management Steven said...

Confirmed via ECC website

They also beat Kie from Columbia...