Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update Section


Feel free to post updates from your division of choice.

Results are a little slow today from the tourney website, but I am sure updates will be posted soon.

CUC has a twitter feed.

Tushar is on site and providing updates. has an open forum and it is always lively about Ottawa/Key games.



lank89 said...

General Strike goes 3-0 on day one, come from behind win over mephisto on universe.

Batch said...

RIP 3-0 on day 2. 9-6 over Gecko. 12-11 over OuiUC (came back from down 10-6 at soft cap horn). 12-10 over TFP.

Pool E finishes:
Chaos 4-1
RIP 4-1
Gecko 3-2
TFP 3-2
OuiUC 1-4
Tundra 0-5

Pool F finishes:
Onyx 4-1
Liquid 4-1
Psychoplastique 3-2
Monster 3-2
Mayhem or Pandemic don't know the result of that game.