Friday, August 14, 2009

CUC 2009- Day One Recap


Day 2 is rain delayed... I feel the TD's pain!!!

Here is a summary of the day one results

  • Invictus wins pool A, Karma upsets Demon and plays Invictus close before falling to Sofa Kings
  • Phoenix wins Pool B comfortably, seeds hold place
  • Blackfish has a very strong 3-0 day, while Magma upsets Sirloin
  • General Strike wins pool D, beating Mephisto 13-12. Tommy Douglas Dream Machine beats ROY and moves into power pools
  • Lotus, QUB, Storm and Stella win their original 3-team pools
  • Storm has a very strong day, giving up only 3 points in the first two games, then beating QUB 13-8
  • Ontario/Quebec teams (Lotus, Stella, Storm, QUB, PPF) look strong
  • Pool A sees the big upset of the day, as Gecko beats TFP 11-8 to win the pool
  • Liquid wins Pool B, Monster upsets Pandemic to take 2nd seed out of the pool and go 2-1
  • ONYX goes 3-0 to take pool c, beating Psychoplastique 15-8 to take top seed away. Discgraceful from North Bay lost two games by two points each but ends up a hard luck 0-3
  • Chaos from Winnipeg beats RIP 14-11 and takes Pool D with a 3-0 record.
  • BFC from Ottawa goes 0-3 and is mathematically eliminated from quarterfinals along with Wrecjhouse, Discgraceful and Polatouches
  • Round robin format continues
  • GLUM and FigJam are 3-0 after day one
  • Grind from Vancouver and Flood from Winnipeg are 2-1
  • Epic from C-town and GOB from Montreal are 0-3
  • Right now, GLUM, FigJam, Grind and Flood are the four teams that would be in the semis as it currently stands
  • Mofo continues it success with two wins over OJ and Mischief
  • Vortex from Fraser Valley BC is also 2-0
  • OJ falls early to Mofo and can't recover, goes 1-1
  • Blackout from BC goes 2-0 in pool B
  • Dirt of Toronto goes 1-1 thus far


Jake said...

Thanks for doing this Trainor, it's nice to be able to see what's up at home from across the pond.

lank89 said...

Power Pool Results Open:

Pool E:
General Strike 4-1
Mephisto 4-1
Tommy Dougls 3-2
Invictus 3-2

Pool F:
Blackfish 4-1
Phoenix 4-1
Mangina 3-2
Grand Trunk 3-2

this is based on the assumption that TDDM beat Demon and that GT beat Too Bad

Sport Management Steven said...

Thanks for the updates Mark. See you tommorow.

westwell said...

Quarters are below. They are listed in ladder format (ie. winner of GS/GT plays winner of PHX/TDDM...):

General Strike
Grand Trunk




Sport Management Steven said...

Thanks Scotty and best of luck to the Ottawa boys!

Fadi said...

Quarters I know:

Mephisto 10
Mangina 7

Invictus over Blackfish by one (10-9 I think).

Open semis results:

Mephisto 15
Invictus 3

Phoenix 11
General Strike 9

Invictus was barely able to follow in the first half but Dan Fassina's callahan on a layout D to take half pretty much sealed the deal for Mephisto. Invictus did not score in the second half. Mephisto went something like 11 points in a row.

Batch said...

Open has Phoenix versus Mephisto
Mixed has Onyx versus Chaos
Women has Stella versus Lotus (I think)

Junior had Blackout versus Vortex. I assume Blackout won.

Master, Glum beat Figjam (easily).

sharpie said...

The Invictus/Mephisto score seems awefully lobsided... Any details?

Batch said...

Mephisto scored 11 in row to finish them off.

T1000 said...

Go figure that the quarterfinals would pit Blackfish against their arch-rivals in Invictus. That pairing will light up a barn-burner every time.

And good for Karma for holding their own in the Open division. I think they earned themselves a nod of respect.

Lastly, I think it was just a matter of time before TFP lost a CUC title. Granted, TFP has always drawn on an exceptionally skilled pool of players, but usually with minimal preparation. Sooner or later, they were bound to run into a team that took the tournament more seriously. I think it's a welcome sign of improvement in the Mixed division to see TFP stumble for a change. No offense intended.

Charliehk said...

sharpie said...
The Invictus/Mephisto score seems awefully lobsided... Any details?

Answer - I wasn't playing?